5 Kinds Of Fire Sprinkler Safety Systems For Your Business

When it comes to keeping your business safe, you need to make sure that you have the correct kind of fire sprinklers installed in your building. There are many types of fire sprinkler systems that you can install in your business. Here are five different types of fire sprinklers you need to consider for your business.

Kind #1: In-Rack Sprinklers

In-rack sprinklers are specifically used in warehouse storage areas. They are placed next to storage areas where lots of goods are stored that could easily go up in flames. The sprinklers are grouped together in a specific area so that any potential fire can be self-contained.

Kind #2: ESFR

ESFR, or early suppression fast response systems, are an alternative to in-rack sprinklers for warehouses. These types of systems are design to provided targeted coverage, just like an in-rack system. The main difference is that they are specifically designed to put out a large value of water using a high amount of velocity in a short period of time, ensuring that small fires are self-contained.

Kind #3: Deluge Systems

With this system, there are sprinklers that are attached to an overhead pipe. Water resides inside of the pipes and is prevented from coming through the sprinklers. When the system is turned on, the water will flow from the pipes through the sprinklers, and additional water will be piped through the system. This type of system is often used in areas where there is a high fire hazard as they can push out a lot of water quickly.

Kind #4: Pre-Action Sprinkler System

This sprinkler system is a very controlled fire suppression system. The pipe is filled with pressurized air or nitrogen, like a dry pipe system. If a fire is detached, water flows through the pipes. However, each sprinkler does not automatically open. Instead, each sprinkler has to be activated using a central control system. This type of fire suppression system is used in buildings where someone is always monitoring the overall security of the system.

Kind #5: Wet Pipe Sprinkler

A wet pipe sprinkler system is actually the most commonly found sprinkler system. With this type of system, water is already sitting in the pipes. When the alarm is activated, the water will start coming through the sprinklers, ensuring water immediately puts the fire out.

When it comes to keeping your business safe, you need to make sure that you have the right fire system in place. An expert can help you figure out the right type of fire system. Reach out to a company like Eastern Fire to learn more.