Is Video Monitoring Right For You?

One of the most important things for homeowners and business owners alike is the implementation of security systems. Having the extra protection from these systems helps bring a realm of peace and safety for those who live or work in these environments. One way to achieve the highest level of protection is to install video monitoring throughout your home or office. Video monitoring allows for eyes to be on your location 24/7, and the cameras can be placed in discreet areas where most people won't even know they are there. Before deciding if video monitoring is right for you, consider the following pros and cons. 

Pro - Reduces Crime Rate

Even if you are unable to see the devices that are being used for video monitoring, there is an option to place signs on the exterior of your establishment to let the outside world know that you are protected and always watching. While this doesn't stop crime altogether, it might help deter criminals if they know they are being watched. Either way, who doesn't want less crime in their home or business?

Con - Requires High Internet Strength

You must have access to high internet speed in order for 24/7 video monitoring to work through your home or company's Wi-Fi. Since the camera is running at all times, you must account for any other internet uses in your home or office and make sure it is strong enough to handle all of the online activity. If you are unsure of your network's bandwidth, ask your internet provider about the options available to increase your speed.

Pro - Very Small and Discreet

As mentioned before, the cameras used for video monitoring at your home or business are discrete and oftentimes go unnoticed. This might seem like a small point, but it will help you make sure that everything done in your establishment is appropriate. Having extra "eyes" at all times helps you make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Con - Might Be Viewed as a Breach of Privacy

Some of the members of your family or employees at the office might find the video monitoring cameras to be an invasion of their privacy. If you are upfront and explain to everyone that the cameras are there for the safety of everyone, then they might have a better time accepting the fact that they are always being watched. The cameras you install might increase efficiency and production at home and at work.

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