3 Reasons You Need a CCTV System for Your Front Yard

Home security is a necessity in the way that fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Keeping your family safe is paramount, especially when you are regularly away from your children and pets. A CCTV is a compressive way to make sure that you can keep your eye on your front yard. Being able to have a video the ongoings of the front of your home and your neighborhood is a good way to determine if your neighborhood and family members are staying safe. Here are three reasons you should get a CCTV system.

1. You can determine when your children are coming home and leaving home

If you are gone to work when your children leave for school or when they get home from school, you should still be able to keep an eye on them. A CCTV camera will let you know what time your children left to go to the bus stop and where they went. If the bus stop is close to your home, you will be able to watch your child at the bus stop to make sure that they are waiting safely. Your television will also allow you to see your children when they walk inside of the yard from school to ensure that they are getting home in a timely manner and are not making stops and coming home late. 

2. You can report porch pirates

Some neighborhoods have seen high amounts of porch pirates. Even in good neighborhoods, you may have porch pirates coming around to steal packages while most people are gone to work or otherwise away from home. CCTV will catch these people in the act and you will be able to report what happened. Since CCTV has the ability to record, you will also be able to report these actions to your local police department to help catch thieves. 

3. Communication with family is possible

Many CCTV security systems are now available via a wireless form. You will be able to place a CCTV camera in each room that you deem necessary. Many of these cameras also have the ability for two way communication. If you are able to have two-way communication, you can pull up the cameras on your device and speak to your spouse, roommate, children, or pets without having to call home. This will permit you to have an eye family to keep them safe while you are away.