Wondering If It's Time For A CCTV Upgrade? Consider These Reasons

Have you been using your CCTV system for several years and are wondering if it's time to upgrade? CCTV security systems are designed to be long-lasting and reliable, providing 24/7 surveillance.   

If your system hasn't broken down, or it's only showing minor signs of wear, it might be difficult to determine if you should upgrade. You may also have concerns about the expenses and disruption that this upgrade process may cause.

But it's crucial to remember that CCTV systems are constantly evolving, so getting the latest surveillance system will come with unique perks. Here is why you shouldn't skimp on CCTV system upgrades.

Get Quality Images

Using standard-resolution cameras for the past several years may have been sufficient. But as image quality and resolution improve, you should consider getting new cameras. The latest cameras offer high-quality footage that will help you identify anyone who's captured with ease. 

If you need to provide footage to the authorities, they'll also have an easier time tracking the individual since they can see them clearly. However, if you capture footage using old cameras with a low-quality resolution, the footage can be rendered useless if the image cannot be identified clearly or is blurry.

Easy Accessibility and Management

Another reason you should invest in CCTV system upgrades is to enjoy easy scalability and management. The latest systems allow users to access and manage their surveillance systems remotely. 

However, older system footage can only be accessed on-site on the video recorder. This can be inconvenient, particularly if you need to monitor your residence while away. When you get a new system, you'll only need to access an internet connection to check everything that happens from anywhere using a smartphone or computer.

Extra Storage Space

Storage is one of the major challenges you are bound to face while using an old surveillance system. You will be forced to spend a lot on storage. Remember, the system needs hardware to record all the footage it collects 24/7, which can take up a lot of space. The latest surveillance systems are designed with this problem in mind. 

The video recorders rely on video compression to make the files smaller, maximizing storage. This means you won't need to purchase storage cards or video recorders to accommodate the low-quality recordings.

Additional Features

The new CCTV systems also have more features to enhance the user's experience. These features include access controls, motion sensor alarms, and concurrent alerts. When you get a new CCTV system with the latest features, it will be easier to boost security.

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